3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen should be a place where family members and friends gather, where you cook and dine and talk comfortably, where you can get the pick-me-up you need in the morning before the coffee is even done brewing. Here are 3 ways to brighten up your kitchen and to make it a sunnier, cheerier space.

  1. Color Me Bright

Many people swear by the importance of color for making a kitchen brighter and airier, but there are many different schools of thought on the subject. For example, some would suggest painting your cabinets white to get more brightness into the room. You can also use a vibrant accent color like turquoise or yellow to intensify this effect. And sometimes, it can help to incorporate one item—a dish rack, a shelving unit, etc.—in a strong color like red.

  1. Use Everything You’ve Got

Don’t have the money to completely redecorate? No problem! You can actually use the items in your kitchen to create a brighter space. Copper appliances work great to achieve an airy look while also being completely chic, and using wooden crates or wood accents in general throughout the room can break up a white paint job and breathe life into the room. Also, if you want a quick fix, create your own herb garden by the window or display fresh flowers.

  1. Let the Sunshine In

We’re all for creative light fixtures, but sometimes it’s best to let the sun be the strongest source of light in a room, especially in a kitchen. Use thin curtains on the windows rather than big, heavy ones, and let the sun in a bit. In the evenings, you can use pendant lamps to bring the light closer to you instead of having it shine down from a high-up fixture.

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