4 Reasons to Switch Your Kids’ Night-Lights to LEDs

Most kids like to have night-lights. They’re comforting and they chase away the scary monsters at night. Even older kids sometimes like to enjoy the glow of a night-light now and then, especially if they struggle with anxiety or another mental disorder that makes getting to sleep difficult. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider switching your child’s night-light to an LED bulb.

  1. LEDs Last Longer.

No more burnt-out night-lights and no unplanned trips to the store. LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs with a general shelf life of about 5 years. Sometimes, these bulbs can even last as long as 10 with the proper care. Making sure your child is equipped with an LED light will make it much, much easier for you ensure they have what they need every night to feel safe.

  1. LEDs Are Versatile.

Does your kid prefer soft white light, changing colors, or a steady, one-color light? There are LEDs for every attitude, seeing as these are some of the most versatile bulbs available. Depending on what your child likes best, there are bound to be plenty of bulbs that offer this option, and giving your child the lighting they want becomes much easier with a customizable LED light system for your whole house. But if you’re just looking for a plug-in or battery operated night-light, there are still so many options when it comes to LEDs!

  1. LEDs Are Easy to Control.

If your child needs a night-light that can be controlled by a remote, LEDs are the way to go. There are plenty of different LED lamps that come with their own remote and can simply be charged up during the daytime. These lights are dimmable and often change colors. What’s more, you can even set a timer on many of them to make sure they will shut off when your child is fast asleep so the battery doesn’t run down. And, if that’s not enough, many of these lights are in the shape of cute little creatures like cats and whales.

  1. LEDs Are Cheap.

What used to be an expensive option is becoming more and more affordable. Silicone LED lamps often go for $10 to $20 online, and LED bulbs themselves have started selling for less than $8. Also, if you’re just looking for a classic night-light that plugs into the wall, there are LEDs for that too that cost no more than $10 in most cases.

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