As a trusted supplier of lighting for more than 40 years, LightbulbU offers a wide variety of bulbs and ballasts to accommodate both general and customized lighting needs. Our high-quality products are used by an audience ranging from individual homeowners to businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and schools.

With sound experience in the lighting industry and an inventory of thousands of items, LightbulbU’s goal is to deliver peace of mind to customers while also providing educational topics about lighting and electricity usage. As we expand our inventory, we promise to maintain our steadfast commitment to providing you top notch products with a smile.

Uncertain of what you need? Our cordial customer support team is here to help you make the perfect choice the first time. We will never keep you in the dark. Contact us at

Please note that pictures are provided for reference only. Light bulb products are frequently updated by suppliers. The products will be the same in terms of fit and functionality but there maybe some differences in appearance.