Amazing Options for LED Pool Lighting

Most consumers are aware of LED lighting and the many great benefits of these lights. From cost savings to long life expectancy, LED lights are filling many needs around homes and businesses across the country. But one of the unique applications for LED lighting is in your swimming pool. These great new advances will turn your average backyard swimming pool into a light show that is fit for any theme park.

A Light Show At Home

The latest system offered by Pentair, a leader in top of the line pool equipment, is called the IntelliBrite 5g. These round fixtures look just like the old school pool light that you have but offer a huge number of features. Inside the dome lens of the fixture are many different colored small lights that can work independently or in combination to create a variety of shows. The colored lights are automatically sequenced at a variety of speeds to create a complete rainbow effect in your pool.

The Controls

The system can be controlled from a freestanding control panel much like that of your other pool equipment. This will allow you to control the colors and mode with just the turn of a dial. Or you can automate your pool lights to function as a part of your home automation system or even from an app on your smartphone. The best feature is that you can choose the control method that is best for you.


In addition to the entertaining lights show, there are several other great features to enjoy. The lens of the fixture can be adjusted to cast either a wide beam to light your entire pool or a narrow beam to light just down the center of the pool. You will also be able to select any one of five fixed colors (blue, green, magenta, white or red) or seven preprogrammed shows. Also, the new 5g fixture is compatible with first generation IntelliBrite lights so there is no major pool remodel required to enjoy this great new LED light for your pool.

A Great Way to Add Fun to the Family Pool

Renovations to your in ground pool can be very expensive. But the addition of a new 5g LED pool light is just the upgrade you need to add a new look without a huge price tag. Not only will you save on the cost to operate the light as this new model is 50% more energy efficient than its competition, but you will also be enjoying the brightest pool light available.


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