Americans' Energy Needs Met with Wind and Solar

Imagine a day when all you need is wind and solar to power your home. Seems a bit impossible, right?

Well, it's completely possible. Actually, wind and solar is already expected to meet 80% of Americans' energy needs. All we need is better energy storage technologies.

A study by Carnegie Institution for Science has been published in the Energy & Environmental Science journal. This study finds that with solar and wind power, Americans could use them almost exclusively for their energy. This is because if there isn't enough sun to generate power, then there is wind, and that can make up the difference in what is needed. Having both can gather enough energy to make it work for Americans.

The problem is that there needs to be more turbines and solar panels. There also needs to be new ways to store the electricity.

The dependence on fossil fuels is a possible. It's a non-renewable form of energy, which means that it could run out soon. However, it won't run out as quickly if we're able to use wind and solar power. So, if we're able to generate the 80% of the power, we will be in a good position with the use of fossil fuels.

The biggest concern is what happens when the weather changes, and there isn't sun or wind. This will then cause the amount of power generated to suffer. When this suffers, it could be possible to use fossil fuel. The only thing is being able to come up with a system that will allow for the interchanging between clean and unclean energy.

The researchers feel this is possible, it's just that there may be some time before all of this takes effect. The production of the turbines and panels will take time. Storage for the electricity will take time, and then of course, the infrastructure of getting the energy out to where it needs to be.

The good news is that in time this can happen. It's a possibility, and that's all we need to be concerned about right now.

In the meantime, there are other ways to be clean, and that's with LEDs. We love to report on clean energy because we are in the business of an environmentally friendly light - LEDs. They use less electricity, which means they need less energy. They support the mission in using more clean energy.

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