Best Lighting for Your Closet

When you’re looking into lighting your closet, you have several different options based on your space and your budget to create a high-end, well-lit area where you can store all the things most important to you.

Using Natural Light

While you’ll still need a bulb of some kind, if you happen to have a window in your closet, use it. Natural light can make the space seem larger and airier, and if you decide to place a bench in the middle of the room, it can cut the light, creating the illusion of a bigger area.

Using Track Lighting or Pendant Lights

Using this type of lighting will create a warm glow that feels high-end. You can install these lights in the ceiling, or for an added dramatic effect, in the shelves of your closet. LED bulbs are less likely to get hot and they can often be dimmed based on your preference. Also, they last much longer than regular bulbs or CFLs and can therefore be a beneficial choice for your pendant or track lights.

Using Bright White Lights

Bright lights will make your closet feel more luxurious, giving it the feel of a movie star’s vanity. Using a chandelier with white lights can also achieve this effect. LEDs come in soft, glowing colors, but they can also be bought in stark white, which can help you create an expensive looking closet.

Using Ribbon Lighting

If you don’t have a lot of space—which is common—don’t despair! You don’t need a huge closet to be able to create the look you want. Using ribbon lighting along the top of your cabinets or hanging racks can give you a lot of light without having to install a large fixture that your smaller closet won’t be able to accommodate.

Glossy Paints Under Bright Lighting

Though this isn’t a lighting tip, it’s a good idea to paint your shelves or the furniture in your closet with glossy colors so it will offset the brightness of the lights. Doing this will allow your closet to feel more luxurious and it will reflect light into areas that otherwise might look too dark.

Don’t Forget: More Is Always Better

In some areas of your home, you might be skeptical about bringing in too much light, but this is never true in the closet. You always want to be able to find what you’re looking for, so remember: let there be light.

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