The Best Lights for a Baby at Home

As your baby becomes mobile, you will likely want to baby-proof your home. This might mean putting outlet covers in, covering the edges of a fireplace, putting locks on the cupboards.

All of these are great ways to ensure your baby remains safe while in your home, but there is also another way that many people have not thought of - LED lights.

Why Are LED Lights Best for Homes with Babies?

LED lights are not only cost effective, but they are environmentally and baby friendly. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, and then don't use up as much power as other bulbs. The part that makes it better for baby (besides being environmentally friendly, which will be better for the future), they don't get hot.

Babies love lights. You probably already know this if your baby has ever stared at your ceiling lights, a Christmas tree, or even lights on toys. When babies become mobile, they will not only look at the lights around the home, but they will want to touch them.

Climbing babies - you know, the ones that love to climb on furniture - will try to get up on side tables and touch, touch, touch. Incandescent bulbs are HOT. They WILL burn you if you touch them. As an adult, you've probably already experienced this, so you know.

Your baby has no idea how hot the bulbs are, so whenever you look the other way just for a second, he/she will be after it.

No one wants any baby to be burned by a light bulb. And even though you can try to put lamps in places where he/she won't reach, there's always a chance something could happen.

With LED lights, you don't have to worry. They don't get hot at all, no matter how long they have been lit. You can breathe a sigh of relief that if your baby should put his/her hand on a bulb, it will not do anything at all.

Of course, if baby pulls down the lamp, it may make a mess. However, it won't hurt baby.

The great thing too is that they are much more sturdy. So if the lamp should fall, the chances are less that the LED bulb will break compared to that of an incandescent bulb.

So, now that you know about the coolness of a LED bulb. Consider switching over now. With all of the benefits of LED, having a toddler is the last piece of motivation you need to start saving money and the environment with LEDs.

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