Camera Lighting - LED or Strobe

When you're starting a business or new hobby, you may end up needing certain items. These items can be fun to shop for, but there are times when you can get stuck on what is best. For this blog post, we want to touch on lighting when you're using a camera.

LED or Strobe Camera Lighting

New lighting equipment can always be a frightening endeavor. Should you get THIS or THAT?

One of the biggest questions you may have going back and forth in your mind is whether you should use LED or strobe. These are the pros and cons of it.

LED lights might be a good idea if you're a beginner. You can have it on all of the time, and that can help you when you're trying to get the best picture. You can change it around and don't have to mess with the changing of the light.

The only downside to LED is the output of it. It may not be as strong as the strobe because the strobe flickers in and out and that increases the power significantly. Of course, the power from a strobe only lasts for a second, so it can be more powerful. This is great if you need to overpower the light of the day or if you need to freezing a moving object.

When You Should Upgrade

Most people should stick to the LED if they are even considering which light to get. The LED is the perfect light to play around with to get the right angles and picture from the camera.

As you get more comfortable with the lighting, you can move forward with the strobe. The strobe will be trickier at first, but like anything, once you work with it, you'll get comfortable and become a pro. It's just not a good idea to that if you're a beginner because as you're trying to learn everything else, you'l likely end up getting frustrated with the light too, which is never a good thing to get annoyed with.

We have a huge selection of LED lights to help you with your camera lighting. Contact us today or browse our website for the LED bulbs you need. We look forward to helping you achieve the goals you've set out for your photography or filming needs.

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