Create Your Own LED Light Bar for Fewer than $20

LED light bars look great and add some extra illumination to a bedroom, an office, or almost anywhere. However, they can get a tad bit expensive, so if you’re looking for an option that is easy and cheap, you can actually create your very own LED light bar for $20 or fewer.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

To create your light bar, you will need

A pack of LED lighting tape ($10-$17)
A large cardboard box
Tin foil
Baking paper
Duct tape
A box cutter
A ruler
A pencil

Step Two: Cut Your Box

You’ll need to measure out and cut your box using the box cutter. The best way to do it is to cut the box so you have a long edge of its corner, open to look like a rather long book. Once you cut the box, make sure there aren’t any jagged edges of the cardboard (and be careful with that box cutter!).

Step Three: Line Your Box

Once the piece of the box is cut out, use your tin foil to line it. You’ll need to make sure the frosted side is facing out and that you get the tin foil nice and even across the box. Use the duct tape to tape it down at the edges.

Then, you’ll need to make a hole at the top of the box and start feeding your LED tape through. Tape it to the tin foil-wrapped box so that it forms several straight, closely packed lines. This way, you’ll get the illumination effect you want, one that looks exactly like a regular LED light bar.

Step Four: Cover Your Lights

Take the baking paper and use it to cover the outside of your light-lined box. You’ll want the baking paper to create the outer effect of your light, and the more layers you use of the paper, the softer the light itself will become. Once you have the right number of layers, use the tape to secure the baking paper in place.

Step Five: Tape It Up!

After you have the baking paper firmly in place, use the duct tape to cover all the cardboard, holes, and anywhere else the light might try to escape.

You’re Done!

Now, you have your very own light bar that you created for almost nothing! Plug it in and enjoy.

(Source: YouTube)

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