How to Create Your Own Vanity Mirror with LED Lights

Many people want great vanity mirrors that light up like the ones often showcased on Pinterest. However, when they realize how much these mirrors cost, they have to settle with poorly lit places to do their makeup or check out their daily outfits. What many don’t know, however, is you can create your very own, DIY vanity mirror using LEDs for cheap. So why not change up that bedroom or bathroom mirror so it reflects how gorgeous you truly are?

Step 1: Buy Your LEDs

You can buy LED lights for much cheaper than you’d think these days. Though the bulbs themselves still go for about $4 to $10 a piece (depending on what customizable options they offer), a string of LED lights is incredibly cheap. You can usually find one for $10 or fewer on Amazon and other similar websites.

In order to make it easy on yourself, make sure you buy a string with its own adhesive backing. This way, you can place the lights directly on the outside of the mirror itself, rather than having to deal with gluing, taping, or pinning them down somehow so they will keep the shape of your mirror. Also, don’t forget to buy any additional hardware you might need for the lights to work. For example, some LED lights require an adapter, especially if they come from another country, so make sure to grab one of these too, if you need it. Amazon usually sells them too.

Step 2: Adhere Your Lights to Your Mirror’s Surface

Remove the protective strip from the adhesive backing when you’re ready to apply the lights. When you start adhering the LEDs to your mirror, you want to make sure to be steady and careful, rather than just slapping them on willy-nilly. It can also help to have a friend watch you as you place them on the mirror’s surface, so they can make sure you’re applying the lights as straight as possible. Then, don’t forget to plug them in. if you need an adapter, make sure you use it.

Step 3: You’re Done!

Ta-da! How easy was it to get your very own makeup mirror that lights up when you need it to? You didn’t even have to hire an electrician. Pat yourself on the back and get to staring at your beautiful self!

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