Creative Uses for LED Light Strips

Many consumers decide to try LED lights because of their energy efficiency, but it is often the unique applications that LED’s offer that keep consumers excited. Not only are LED lights smaller and therefore easier to conceal, but they also offer lighting solutions that conventional light bulbs just can’t compete with. LED light strips are just one of the products that offer a wide range of creative and inspiring uses.

Under Cabinet Lighting

For years, homeowners who wanted to have lighting under their kitchen cabinets were forced to look at large fixtures and cut access holes in their cabinetry. But that has all changed thanks to LED light strips. Now the process is as simple as attaching the light strips or rope light under your cabinets and making a single hard wire connection or plugging into a single outlet. Added benefits of the LED light strip are the ability to add a dimmer switch, include a motion sensor or even to provide light in a variety of colors.

Home Accent Lighting

In addition to adding very functional lighting under kitchen cabinetry, LED strip lights can also create interest and impact in other areas of your home. LED strips are perfect for softly lighting tray ceilings, closets and even steps for added safety. Other feature areas such a niche displays or an entertainment centers are perfect for rope lighting in a single color or with the option to have a variety of colors depending on the pieces being displayed. And no theater room should be without the soft light of LED light strips to illuminate seating and transitions in the walking surface. The LED’s provide just enough light for safe navigation without being too bright to detract from the theater screen.

Safely Light an Aquarium

Not only do aquariums provide beauty to your home but studies have found that they are prone to reducing stress as well. So why not enjoy your aquarium at night with a waterproof LED aquarium light strip? The LED is adjustable to provide as much or as little light as you like and you never need to worry about the lights producing too much heat and damaging your tank or causing an injury to your fish. And for added interest you can even select a light that will change colors.

LED light strips are a great way to add light and interest to small areas in your home that could not accommodate a large lightbulb or light fixture. In addition, you can be much more creative with the amount of light, the color of the light and even how the light functions by adding a dimmer or motion sensor.

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