The Differences Between CFL and LED Light Bulbs

Many people often ask us what the differences are between CFL light bulbs and LED light bulbs. We are happy to explain them because we believe it's a great difference that warrants explanation.

About CFL Light Bulbs

CFL bulbs are a great choice if you want to reduce the energy expenditure of incandescent bulbs. They will significant reduce your electricity bills. While the savings will not be as much as LED, it's still much less.

Even though the cost of LED light bulbs have decreased, CFL are still slightly lower. They may not last as long as LED bulbs though.

The light produced by CFLs is bright and it's spread out. LED lights produce directional light, which can be a problem for some people who are looking for an all over glow. Of course, adding LED lights to specific areas will solve that problem.

The light is soft and warm. It's more white than yellow like incandescent bulbs can be...

The not so great things about CFL bulbs are that they cannot be dimmed. People love to have dimming lights in their home because it enables them to have the right amount of light for different situations. This cannot be done with CFL bulbs.

It can take a few seconds for the bulb to warm up and produce the maximum brightness. This can be frustrating to some people who want immediate light. This does mean that it can be sensitive to cold temperatures, so it's not a good choice for garages or sheds in colder climates.

About LED Light Bulbs

People love LED light bulbs because they do light up immediately, unlike CFL and like incandescent bulbs. When you turn this light bulb on, you do not have to wait until it reaches maximum brightness. It gives you what you want immediately.

With LED light bulbs, you don't have to worry about children burning themselves. They stay cool no matter how long they have been lit.

LEDs last five times longer than CFLs and incandescent bulbs. Depending on use, they can last a lifetime.

LEDs can be dimmed. As long as you buy the dimmable models, you will have no problem using it on a dimmer switch.

The light is the same color as CFL light bulbs - soft, warm, and a bright white.

Unfortunately, LED are directional. However, since they last so long, you can purchase more lights and not have to worry about the expense of replacing them all of the time.

As you can see there are many pluses and minuses with both type of lights, but we believe LED lights are the best ones for any purpose. Contact us if you have any questions about either type of bulb.

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