Environmental Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting offers many great benefits to consumers such as financial savings and reduced maintenance. But it is also important to look beyond the personal benefits to account for the benefit to the entire planet. In many ways the environmental benefits are far more valuable than any dollar amount that is saved when using LED lighting.

No Toxic Materials

The first environmental benefit to LED lights is that they do not contain any of the toxic materials found in fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. This helps to ensure that toxic materials such as mercury are not being placed in landfills to leach into and contaminate the soil. This has been an ongoing issue when fluorescent tubes were disposed of improperly. Though fluorescent bulbs are supposed to be disposed of with a registered waste carrier to avoid contamination, that process is not always followed due to the higher cost and longer process that must be followed. But disposal and contamination is not an issue with LED lights.

Longer Life = Less Manufacturing

Another benefit to LED lighting is the much longer life expectancy. An LED light is estimated to function for up to 6 times as long as an old style light bulb. This much longer service means that fewer lights need to be manufactured which reduces carbon emissions created during the manufacturing process. . In addition, fewer resources are being used because fewer lights are being produced. This conservation of materials helps to further reduce the emissions created when raw materials are processed.

Greater Energy Efficiency

LED lights operate about 80% more efficiently than fluorescent or incandescent lights. This is because 95% of the energy used for the lighting is actually creating light and not just heat. This highly efficient light helps to greatly reduce the energy demands placed on power plants which are producing both energy and also harmful greenhouse gases.

Saving money and time are always appreciated by consumers. But there are other areas of concern such as the environment that should be monitored even more closely than financial benefits. By recognizing the positive impact that LED lights can have on the environment and encouraging more consumers and businesses to use LED lighting, we can all help to protect and improve the condition of the planet that we are all sharing. Over the span of a decade or two, the environmental benefits will improve the health of the planet overall and every person who lives on it will share in this benefit.

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