The Future of LED Lights

In a recent Forbes interview, Todd Manegold, Phillips’ head of product marketing for their LED lamps, sheds some light on the future of LEDs and why they are becoming more accessible to just about everyone.

Cost Efficiency

One of the greatest changes LED lights have seen over the past few years is their increase in cost efficiency. While these bulbs used to be so expensive that the average family was hesitant about the idea of switching over to them—despite the money they would save in the long run—LEDs are actually becoming more accessible to the average Joe.

For example, Phillips recently released a new bulb called the SlimStyle bulb for under $10. It now retails for under $8. A 60-watt equivalent LED bulb can also be bought for under $5 without the help of rebates. Now that’s an option many people are going to find affordable and worth their time and effort when it comes to converting.

Getting That Glow

Part of the reason many individuals are reluctant to switch over to LEDs is because they miss the dimmable glow of an incandescent bulb, something the more energy-efficient option had not been able to replicate in recent years. However, LEDs are now at a point where they can actually look more like incandescents, which could persuade some individuals who have been holding out.

Manegold explains that this bulb uses amber LEDs to create the same look that a dimmed incandescent would. “It looks like an A19 and a real incandescent,” he says. “The mantra is, ‘if it’s going to look like an A19, it has to work like an A19.’”

An Interactive Experience

Going far beyond the look and feel of incandescent bulbs, though, is the Hue lighting product, which truly showcases the future of LEDs. Hue is an interactive experience where the color and brightness of the bulbs can all be controlled through your smartphone.

If you are throwing a party, for example, and want the lighting to fit the music, this can be done with Hue. If a fire occurs in your home, Hue can hook up to the smoke detector in order to be aware of this and it will change the lights to a red color so it is easier for you to see through the smoke.

With all of these changes to look forward to in the future, it’s easy to say the words: let there be LEDs.

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