Health Benefits of LED Lighting

As new technology becomes available to consumers, there are often numerous articles written which present benefits and drawbacks to these new advances. One key factor for many evaluations is health benefits or potential dangers. Allowing consumers to fully understand the health benefits of LED lights will dispel the health rumors about these great products and allow them to reap the many benefits offered by LEDs.

Physical Health

Florescent light bulbs in the workplace have long been creating health issues for workers due to the annoying flickering that they are known to produce. The light will appear constant and then begin to flicker and cause eyestrain as well as neck tension as workers try to remain focused and on task at hand. The result of this inconsistent light source is often early fatigue and headaches. But the light produced by LED’s is solid and never surges or flickers. This constant level of light and also increased quality of the light itself is resulting in less eye and muscle strain on workers and fewer headaches.

Decreased Stress and Anxiety

LED lighting has been found to reduce stress in much the same manner as is experienced when spending time outdoors in natural light. A big part of this process is related to the circadian rhythm, which helps your body differentiate between day and night to regulate sleep. A disturbed rhythm results in poor sleep quality and a tired feeling. But exposure to LED lighting has been found to assist the body in regulating and maintaining that important internal clock.

Added Benefits of Feeling Better

Feeling better is really its own greatest reward but there are other benefits that can be tracked when a person is feeling better, happier or more relaxed. One of these benefits is increased productivity. This is really a simple concept in that any task is less daunting when you are well rested and mentally alert. Businesses who implemented LED lighting in their workplace have recognized the increase in productivity from their employees. In addition, learning performance increases when students are working in environments using LED lighting. This is a small investment for schools but a very simple one to help their students succeed.

New products often face a period of distrust or concern from consumers who are questioning the health safety of the new product. But LED lighting has been the subject of many experiments and trails to determine what impact the light source will have on humans. And the benefits in regard to personal health are even more exciting than the cost and energy savings offered by LED’s.


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