Improve Your Homes Storage Areas with LED Lighting

No homeowner has ever complained that his or her home has too much storage. In fact, the opposite is often the case. But even if your home has enough storage space, you still might have issues with accessing that space. Often times the space is an odd shape and poorly lit. But the solution to getting the most out of your storage area could be as simple as installing some LED rope lights and a motion sensor.

In the Garage, Attic or Basement

Most storage areas in your home have a single overhead light at best. But that never seems to shed enough light when you are searching in a corner or behind a large stack of boxes. You are forced to drag a heavy box back to the light to search through the contents. And even worse is when you are almost to the box you need but the light bulb burns out leaving you to trying to maneuver your way out of the storage area without falling over other items in the dark. Adding a strip of rope lights around the perimeter of the storage area will ensure that you have light throughout the space and will never need lug a box over to a single lightbulb. And the motion sensor will turn the light on for you and turn it off when you are finished so you will not need to worry about a light being left on for days or even weeks.

In the Pantry

It’s easy to grab the items in the front of your pantry, but do you really know what is lurking in the far back corners? All too often, cans and boxes get pushed to the back and never seen again until they are far beyond their best by date. Not only does this waste food and money but it often results in an extra trip to the store to get an item you thought you had but can’t find. But a single strip of LED lights above each shelf in your pantry will make it easy to see even the items in the back and corners. And a motion sensor will turn the lights on each time you open the pantry door and off when the door is closed, leaving your hands free to grab what you need and move on.

Adding LED lighting to the storage areas of your home is a simple way to increase the functionality of the space and simplify your busy life. And the addition of a motion sensor helps to eliminate the possibility of lights being left on.


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