Improvement Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

If you tuck your child into bed at night and they’re starting to look at you like it’s time for a change, it’s important to honor this and help them improve their bedroom just like you would want when you’ve gotten tired of the same-old, same-old.

Organize It

Give your child the ability to organize their room as they go through their day-to-day life instead of having to deal with a big fight when it’s time to clean. Instead of putting boxes up high in the closet, build a low shelf so your kid can put things away themselves. Make sure they have coat hooks they can reach and that they can put their toys somewhere they can easily access them later. This will make them less likely to just throw something on the floor when they’re done with it.

Look to the Future

Part of the reason your child may be hankering for a bedroom makeover is because the room reflects who they used to be instead of who they are now. Using simple lines and patterns when painting or wallpapering is a great way to keep the age of a child’s room relevant as they grow. You can also get removable decorations; wall transfers are sold in many different shapes (even characters from their favorite shows). And once that obsession begins to wane, they can be peeled off the wall with no painting required.

Let Them Have Fun

This is not to say you should start planning what your child’s room will look like at 15 when they’re still 5. It’s important to let them play and have a good time. Talk to your kid about what they like, and you can work together to create a bedroom that will be both practical and fun. After all, you’re only young once.

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