LED Light Vest for Safer Running

Though many joggers, runners, and bikers like to start their routine at dusk—or sometimes even later—they often do not realize the danger of such an activity. In many cases, they wear black, thinking they will be able to see a car if the driver doesn’t see them and that they will be able to get out of the way if necessary. This is a dangerous attitude and the reason why many runners are still accidentally struck on the road.

LED Light Vests

One man is seeking to change the problem of running at night, one super bright vest at a time. Gary Kowalczyk from West Michigan designed an LED running vest for himself several years ago, but the design became so popular, he finally began selling it.

“The local law enforcement pulled me over so many times and asked me where I got it, so I started selling them upon their request because they basically said I can save lives,” Kowalczyk told WZZM. He says the vest is a simple design that uses LEDs instead of the regular lights found on most light-up vests for runners and bikers. He calls it “a lighted vest on steroids.”

Kowalczyk has been selling his vests since 2012, and since then, people have been buying them left and right. He states that he’s been selling them to the military, the Navy, and the Air Force. “They tell me every time they buy it that it’s the brightest thing on the market.”

How Do LED Vests Help?

Because the vest uses LED lights, it is much brighter than most lighted vests for those running or biking at night, and it doesn’t cause any visibility problems for drivers or the runners themselves. The design is similar to a headlight, says Kowalczyk, and the light bezels keep the light out of everyone’s faces. LED lights can be directed in one specific place, unlike many other types of lights, and this helps to prevent anyone from being temporary blinded.

The vest itself has 24 LED lights in total spread across the front and back. Both sides have lights that are visible for up to 3 miles. The vest comes can be purchased in different sizes for different wearers and comes with its own charger.

“LED light vests has a pure and simple mission statement,” says Kowalczyk. “Help people save lives.”

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