How LED Lighting Can Improve Your Golf Game

There are many people who love to play golf, but due to busy work and family schedules they can rarely find the time to get in 18 holes. Not only is this making it difficult to maintain the skills needed to be a good golfer but it is also depriving these people of the relaxation and exercise that are huge benefits of playing golf. However, all of that could be changing thanks to the LED lighting industry. No longer will golf outings need to be scheduled only during daylight hours, thanks to the unique LED lighting system which has been very successful at the Montgomerie Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort in Turkey.

A Cutting Edge Golf Course

Currently, the resort is only lighting the back nine on the course with a system comprised of 120 remotely managed LED light poles. A tablet computer is used to control the systems 370 LED lights to allow golfers to continue enjoying the course well after sunset. The system has been carefully designed to position all of the lights in a way which avoids shadows in the area of play and prevents glare and lighting into the face of golfers as they play through each hole. The only challenge occurs when a ball is hit out of play and becomes difficult to locate.

Technology Aids in the Design

The lights were created by Phillips as a more elaborate system than those that have been being used on driving ranges for many years. In most cases the driving range is a fairly flat surface and is easy to light as the golfers remain at the tee area. But the complicated topography of a complete golf course required much more detailed designs which were made possible through computer aided design. So not only is LED lighting technology improving the game of golf but so are the advances in computer design software and wireless connectivity.

Great Benefits for Busy Golf Enthusiasts

Golf is a sport that offers many benefits to its participants. Not only is it a great opportunity to enjoy nature and some physical activity but it is also an opportunity to enjoy the company of other golfers. And having the ability to schedule a round of golf in the evening hours makes the sport much more accessible to many people. Even those who live in extremely warm climates can partake in a round of golf after the sun sets thanks to this innovative new LED lighting system.

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