LED Lighting Overcomes All

Saving money on energy bills and being more environmentally friendly are two very important benefits of LED lights. But LED lights offer additional benefits beyond their energy and cost savings that many consumers might be unaware of. Knowing about some of these benefits might help you to solve some of the lighting issues that you are experiencing around your home.

Directional Light

Old style light bulbs emit light in a spherical shape and that is the only way that they function. But an LED light can be designed to throw light only in a specific direction. This makes the light source more energy efficient but it also offers some great uses for more effective lighting. Directional light can be used to light a step, doorway or obstacle without throwing light into the entire area or room. This is especially useful in an outdoor landscape lighting scenario or in dark areas such as a theater. Steps can be illuminated without creating an annoying large light source.

Colored Light

Old style light bulbs all produce the same white light. The only way to produce colored light was to color or tint the glass or plastic exterior of the bulb. But LED light can be produced in amber, red, green and blue. These colored lights are common on computers or as indicator lights on other electronics or equipment. To create the white light for general lighting purposes, different colored LED’s are combined or are covered with phosphor material to produce the desired white color.

Unique Applications

In the past, certain lighting applications were expensive and made them beyond the budget of the average consumer. Under cabinet lighting for example was often cost prohibitive due to the size of the fixture and the options for mounting. But LED lights are small enough to easily conceal under cabinetry and can also be installed as a continuous series such as in rope lighting. There is no longer the need for a separate fixture to mount under each cabinet and an equal number of outlets. This simplification offers a great look and benefit to many kitchens.

Great Options from LED’s

Understanding the features of LED’s allows homeowners to fill unique needs and make cost effective choices. Now lighting even hard to access places can be accomplished for a very reasonable cost.


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