LED Lights for Under Your Bed

What if you could get up in the middle of the night, and not step on something your toddler left there? What if you didn't have to have nightlights plugged into every outlet, but instead, you could use the outlets as they were really intended for? Well, you can!

New Lighting System Lights Up the Dark

There's a new lighting system that installs underneath your bed! So, when you step out of your bed in the middle of the night, you do not have to worry about not being able to see. What's even better is that the light shines down onto the floor, not up where your partner is sleeping. This keeps it from glaring in his or her eyes as you get out of bed.

Features You'll Love

The LED bed light system has a smart nightlight. It sets off a warm soft glow of light as soon as you move out of the bed. It will automatically shut off too.

It has built in human body passive infrared motion sensor light. Just like an alarm system in your home, as soon as the system detects there is movement across the sensor, the light will turn on. When you walk about 11 feet away, it will turn off. And, when you walk back to bed, it will turn back on again.

Since you don't want the light to turn on during the day, there is an auto turn on and off function. You can set it up to start sensing motion from bedtime to wake up every day. You can even set it up for a different time on the weekends, if you want to sleep in.

You don't only have to use it under your bed. The system can be placed under stairways and furniture too. It's perfect for the elderly or children's rooms.

Since LED is used, it lasts a long time. You can depend the lifespan of the LED bulbs. They won't bust your budget with energy costs.

This new way to use LED has made us excited. What do you think about it? Would you use this system underneath your bed?

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