LED Lights for Bikes to Improve Safety for Night Riders

LED lights on bikes are certainly a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere: they’re brighter than regular lights, can be directed in a certain direction, and when placed on the moving spokes of a bicycle’s wheels, can even create crazy pictures and designs for which many cyclists would pay top dollar. But these lights can do one more thing: they can help save the lives of cyclists who ride at night.

LED Lights for Bicycles

Most bicycles have a headlight and the required red reflectors on the back, but specialty bicycle equipment companies are changing all of this. One such company, Monkeylectric, designs side lighting for the wheels of a bike that can create certain designs when in motion. These designs can include a heart, a skull and cross bones, and a pinwheel of different colored lights.

Dan Goldwater, the owner of Monkeylectric, first created this LED light fixture for his bike for his trip to the Burning Man festival. When he started biking around his home in Berkeley, the lights got even more attention. He told the New York Times, “Everywhere that I took it, people would run down the street after me and ask, where could they get this thing?”

There are, of course, many other companies that sell these types of lights for cyclists with attitude and a desire to be better seen by motorists. Another company, Revolights, creates front-wheel lights that brighten the road in front of the cyclist, also made with LEDs. Though these lights can sometimes be on the pricey side, it is usually better to go with one of these long-standing companies than to track down a cheap knock-off. Why?

LED Lights Save Lives

LEDs don’t just create pretty patterns on the wheels of bikes. Even if you choose this option for its aesthetic value, most of the benefit comes from being more visible to other cyclists and especially to cars. The National Transportation Safety Board states bicycle deaths happen most between 6 and 9 PM, and because many people do not see the appeal in lighting their bikes, they won’t take the precaution.

The co-founder of Revolights Kent Frankovich feels companies like his have found a solution. People are more likely to use something if they think it’s cool than if they think it’s safe, he told the NYT, and luckily, LED lights are both.

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