LED Lights Can Make a Daily Tasks Easier for Seniors

As we age, there are many tasks that become more challenging and without a doubt more frustrating. Diminished eyesight can make independent living much more difficult for many older adults. But there are several tips that you can apply to help your elderly loved ones remain more self-sufficient and happier in their own homes.

Cool Clear Light

If you have noticed that your parent or elderly loved on is having trouble distinguishing certain colors such as blues and purples, this could be due to the yellowing that occurs as the lenses in the eyes age. And what is a very natural process that could appear to be a nonissue for you, could be very frustrating to your older loved one. But a very simple solution is to provide very clear cool light with a new LED light fixture or an additional light that can be used as needed.

Home Safety for Seniors

As eyesight and mobility decrease, it can be very easy for older adults to trip on the stairs. Sometimes it is the result of an object that they didn’t see or just a misstep. But adding an automated strip of LED lights to the stairway can make it much easier for an elderly person to maneuver the steps safely. And having the light automated with a motion sensor ensures that the light will turn on each time someone approaches the steps and turn off after they have traversed them.

Another nice feature for seniors is a single light in each room that turns on with a motion sensor. This is a simple way to make sure that your loved one is never attempting to walk through a dark room and risking a dangerous fall. The motion sensor is an added benefit for seniors who are using a walker and might not have a hand free to turn on a light or if he or she is carrying something and can’t reach a light switch.

Outdoor Safety

Having outdoor lighting along walkways, paths and steps has never been easier or more affordable than it is now thanks to the innovation in LED lighting. So there is no reason not to install this safety lighting for seniors who are outdoors after dark. The highly efficient LED lights cost only pennies to operate and will provide the light needed to avoid falls that could cause a catastrophic injury to an older loved one.

Spending just a few hours upgrading lighting and adding a few new LED lights to your older loved ones home can have a huge impact in their daily lives. Added light for reading and in work areas, clear cool light for determining colors and motion sensor activated lights as stairs can improve a seniors quality of life and can offer you a great deal of peace of mind.

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