LED Lights Interfere with Vehicle Radio Signal

We were recently reading some news on LED lights and came across this question in The Times Tribune.  

This woman was writing to the news outlet asking about some new LED lights her husband installed into vehicle. Her husband removed the halogen lights to put in the LEDs. This was a great idea, but what wasn't such a great idea was that he chose to install poor quality LED lights.

These poor quality LED lights did not have a shield on them, which then caused interference with the radio signal. This meant that the woman couldn't listen to her favorite stations any longer. Her husband told her that he didn't know why, but it was definitely not the LED lights he installed. She knew that before he installed them, her stations were fine, and afterwards, they weren't coming in anymore.

The response to her question was exactly what you're probably thinking, her husband's decision to install poor quality LED lights is what caused the interference with the radio signal. The writer instructed her to remove the LED lights and put them on her husband's bedside, and have him reinstall the halogen ones.

While this would correct the interference problem, it's not what we would recommend. We suggest that the woman show her husband the response and then urge him to return the low quality ones back to the manufacturer who made them. We then would have the husband order high quality ones from us. We only carry the best LED lights for vehicles, which can eliminate the interference problems that she is experiencing since the change in lights.

We know that it can be difficult to make the switch from halogen to LEDs, and we hate that the low quality options that some people decide to choose give them results that aren't what they expected. We don't want that poor experience to send them away from LEDs. We want them to realize that LED lights come in all different levels of quality, and buying the cheapest, lowest quality ones will come along with problems.

We also want to say that just because LED lights are high quality, it doesn't mean that they are expensive. We offer affordable, quality LED lights that can make people happy to make the switch and restore their faith in the LED industry.

Please consider contacting us for LED lights for your vehicle. We can answer your questions and convert your lights into LED ones easily, quickly, and for a great price.

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