LED Lights to Save Airports Big Bucks

LED lights are definitely more expensive than their previous counterparts, but they’re a very worthwhile investment. Despite the initial cost, consumers will save considerable amounts of money by using them. Since they cost significantly less money to operate, and they last for years without the need for replacement, consumers wind up winning by far on the other end.

Slowly but surely many airports around the United States are converting both their air traffic control towers and their runway lights to LED lighting. Several weeks ago, a small Virginia airport announced they are among the latest in a string of airports within the state to do exactly that.

A recent report, the Lynchburg Regional Airport received $1.1 million to continue their conversion to LED lights. It is expected that this will save the airport between $15,000 and $20,000 per year in electric bills.

A federal program granted the funding. The Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program strives to equip many airports with funds to convert to LED lighting.

United States Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner announced the receipt of the funding in a press release.

“This funding is essential to help Virginia airports make necessary upgrades to infrastructure,” they said. “These grants will help our local airports improve travel and plan for future operations and growth.”

The Lynchburg Regional Airport’s switch to LED lighting began about three years ago in an effort to replace 20-year-old lights that could cause low visibility, and thus were deemed dangerous. This funding will pay for the replacement of the taxi lights that haven’t yet been converted, as well as signs in the airfield. The final phase will take place in about three years.

“The last phase will include rehabilitation of the main runway and adding new LED high intensity runway lights,” Lynchburg Regional Airport Director Mark Courtney explained.

Runway lighting that has dimmed from years of use and lack of replacement could cause confusion and possible accidents when pilots are landing their planes. In addition, airports spend countless dollars every year to run outdated lights. A switch to LED lights on airport runways and air traffic control towers is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In addition to the Lynchburg Regional Airport, additional Virginia airports also receiving this same funding to switch to LED lights include regional airports in Accomack, Franklin, Frederick, Hanover, Suffolk, Washington and Wise counties. The Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport received the funding as well.

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