Why LED Lights Are Superior to Incandescent Lights

LED stands for light emitting diode which means that the light is produced when electrical current is passed through a microchip to light a very tiny source. This form of producing light has many benefits over the old standard bulb which contains a filament to produce light. These filaments produce light only when they are white hot which also produces a great deal of heat for the amount of light created.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Efficiency

An LED bulb produces light using only about 10% of the electricity require to light an incandescent bulb. This is due to most of the energy going into the incandescent bulb being turned into heat. So consumers are very happy to opt for an LED light to greatly reduce their electric consumption. In addition, the excessive heat produced by the incandescent bulb is what causes most bulbs to fail. The buildup of heat causes additional wear on the components of the filament and causes the bulb to literally burn out. But the LED lights are designed using a thermal management product called a heat sink. This piece absorbs the small amount of heat created by the lighting of the LED and then disperses it into the surrounding environment. This cooling application allows the LED bulb to last many years longer than its counterparts saving consumers even more money.

Other Benefits of LED’s

In addition to cost savings and lower operating cost, LED bulbs are a directional light source. This means that light can be “pointed” in specific directions to be used more economically. An LED bulb in a ceiling fixture would cast light down on a work surface and not up to create a bright but useless spot of light on the ceiling. In addition, LED lights are available in a variety of colors including amber, red, green and blue. These colors can be used to create a softer light or to blend with a certain subtle surrounding feature.

A Better Option

LED lights offer consumers a more reliable product which is also more efficient to operate. In addition, the added features of these small light sources allow consumers to select better lighting options to meet all of their needs.


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