LED Statistics You Should Know

LED lights are a remarkable addition to the lighting world, and in many cases they serve as an excellent replacement for outdated means of lighting. Safer, better for the environment, and cost effective—these reasons alone have found more and more people jumping on the LED bandwagon every year.

LED lighting plays a huge role in the business world. Countless businesses now use LED lights for the signs that draw consumers into their businesses.

The following statistics have all served as decision makers for business owners and managers who have made the switch to LED lights. They might help you get on board with your business—and even your home—as  well.

  1. As many as 60 percent of customers notice LED signage. Designed to grab a customer’s attention and draw them inside a business, they are often far more effective—and definitely more cost effective—than other forms of advertising.
  2. A high percentage of LED signs grab the public’s attention. When compared with advertising via social media, LED signs grabbed 35 percent more customers for the businesses involved.
  3. LED signs greatly enhance brand awareness. You’ll find companies whose wares are sold in other’s businesses are now using LED signs. Check out the windows of a small store the next time you drive buy. See if products you are familiar with aren’t advertising with LED signs. A study indicates that brand awareness was enhanced by 85 percent when the switch was made to LED signs.
  4. A recent study indicates that shoppers would prefer to visit businesses with LED signs. There was a 40 percent increase over businesses without them.
  5. LED signs as menus have grown food businesses exponentially. In fact, sales increases of as much as 30 percent have been experienced in food businesses that switched to these menu signs.
  6. LED signs are the most cost effective means of advertising for the small business owner. A recent study shows small businesses that switched to LED displays have seen increases of between 15 and 150 percent in their business’s bottom line. Anyone who knows a small business owner no doubt realizes that even at the bottom end of this statistic, this is incredibly favorable.

Even if you don’t own or manage a business, these statistics should speak to you in terms of saving money when lighting your home. When adding safety and the environment to the equation, the result is a no-brainer decision.




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