Set Descending Direction
  1. Replaces: Advance Transformer ICF-2S42 Universal Lighting Technologies C242UNVxxx Osram Sylvania QTP 2x26/32/42CF/UNV M Keystone KTEB-242T-UV Also operates FC9T5, FC12T5, CFM26W/GX24Q, CFM32W/GX24q, CFM42W/GX24q, CFM57W/GX24Q, CFM70W/GX24Q, CFQ26W/G24q, CFS28W/GR10q, CFS38W/GR10q, CFTR57W/GX24Q, FT24W/2G11 and FT40W/2G11.
  2. Replaces: Advance Transformer ICF-2S26 Universal Lighting Technologies C2642UNVxxx General Electric GEC226-MVPS-3W Osram Sylvania QTP 2x26CF/UNV Keystone:KTEB-226-UV-TP-PIC-DW
  3. Replaces: Advance Transformer ICF-2S18 Universal Lighting Technologies C218UNVxxx General Electric GEC218-MVPS-3W Osram Sylvania QTP 1/2x18CF/UNV Keystone KTEB-218-UV
  4. Replaces: Advance Transformer ICF-2S13 Universal Lighting Technologies C213UNVxxx General Electric GEC213-MVPS-3W Osram Sylvania QTP 1/2x13CF/UNV Keystone KTEB-213-UV
  5. Replaces: Advance Transformer ICN-2TTP40-SC Osram Sylvania QT2X40/DL Universal Lighting Technology C240xxx

Set Descending Direction

Compact Fluorescent Ballasts


At LightbulbU we provide a variety of compact fluorescent light bulbs in 2-pin plug-in configurations for CFL ballasts. Each option has a variety of different wattages ranging from 10 watts through 40 watts. Voltages also vary from 120-277 to fit the needs of your application. 1.0 Ballast Factor.  Instant start and Programmed start options.