Set Descending Direction
  1. Replaces: Advance Transformer 71A7907 Universal Lighting Technologies 1233142U0001 General Electric 1233142U000I Osram Sylvania LU70/120R Keystone HPS-70R-1-KIT
  2. Replaces:

    • Advance Transformer 71A7971
    • Universal Lighting Technologies S70MLTLC3M-500K
    • General Electric GES70MLTLC3D-5
    • Osram Sylvania LU70/MULTI-KIT
    • Keystone HPS-70X-Q-KIT
  3. Advance Transformer 71A8071 Universal Lighting Technologies S100MLTLC3M-500K General Electric GS100MLTLC3D-5 Osram Sylvania LU100/MULTI-KIT Keystone HPS-100X-Q-KIT
  4. Replaces: Advance Transformer 71A8172 Universal Lighting Technologies S150MLTLC3M-500K General Electric GES150MLTLC3D-5 Osram Sylvania LU150/MULTI-KIT Keystone HPS-150X-Q-KIT
  5. Replaces: Advance Transformer 71A8271 Universal Lighting Technologies S250MLTAC4M-500K General Electric GES250MLTAC4-5 Osram Sylvania LU250/MULTI-KIT Keystone HPS-250A-Q-KIT
  6. Replaces: 

    • Advance Transformer 71A8473
    • Universal Lighting Technologies S400MLTAC5M-500K
    • General Electric GES400MLTAC4-5
    • Osram Sylvania LU400/MULTI-KIT
    • Keystone HPS-400A-Q-KIT

    *Does NOT qualify for Free Shipping

    • Advance Transformer 71A8773
    • Universal Lighting Technologies S1000MLTAC5M
    • General Electric GES1000MLTAC5-5
    • Osram Sylvania LU1000/MULTI-KIT
    • Keystone HPS-1000A-Q-KIT

    *Does NOT qualify for Free Shipping

Set Descending Direction

High Pressure Sodium Ballast

Second only to low pressure sodium as the most energy efficient and longest lasting of all HID lighting sources, HPS is used in and vital to safety with streetlights, parking lots, and other outdoor lighting fixtures.