Liology (Lighting + Biology)

The lighting industry is constantly releasing new products into the market by using new and improved technology. A new startup business is currently trying to introduce an innovative LED bulb called Silk by Saffron. The idea behind the bulb is to bring sunlight inside and they are using the Kickstarter platform to raise enough funds to finance the product launch. Saffron is dedicated to lighting ingenuity and exploring all the unobvious ways in which light can make lifer easier and better.

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Silk by Saffron is a smart LED bulb that automatically adjusts its color temperatures so you get light tailored to your circadian rhythm. Your what now? Your circadian rhythm is an internal clock that helps your body process the time of day by the oscillation of sunlight during a 24 hour period. Its features include automatic color temperature shifts, custom scheduling, wi-fi connectivity, automatic dimming, and custom light switch behaviors. The energy efficient bulb can also save you over $16 per year per bulb by replacing a 60 watt incandescent with the a 14 watt Silk bulb.

So let’s get down to the science behind Silk. Light affects every aspect of your life, health and wellness. Your circadian rhythm is synchronized by light and the human body has adapted to the movement the sun. Since the introduction of artificial light (electricity), our bodies have become confused and caused complications with sleeping schedules and patterns. Silk automatically adjusts its color temperature throughout the day so that you get lighting tailored specifically for your biology. How cool is that?!?! For more information, please visit Saffron or watch a cool video here: Silk LED

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