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Full Spectrum Lighting

Full Spectrum Lighting
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Full spectrum lighting is a term used to describe light that uses all of the different wavelengths of the color spectrum. Natural daylight (sunlight) is considered full spectrum lighting although the range is affected by the time of day, cloud cover and tilt of the earth. Full spectrum is a word used in the lighting industry to suggest that a bulb will produce a natural light. While color temperature and the color rendering index (CRI) are the standards for measuring the color production of a light bulb, full spectrum lighting is simply an all inclusive catch phrase.
Many artists use full spectrum bulbs in their studios so that their paint colors stay true to form when moved into a gallery or home. Color matching specialists use full spectrum bulbs to ensure paint tints come out okay when mixing indoors. Full spectrum lighting can also help indoor gardens and nurseries by simulating natural daylight. One of the other common uses for full lighting spectrum is to help treat seasonal affective disorder (a disease that causes deep depression due to the lack of sun light). This disorder is common in parts of the country like Alaska where there is little daylight for months at a time. So now when you see the term “full spectrum,” you’ll know exactly what it means.