What Is the Smallest LED Light?

Many people ask what the smallest LED light is, so they can use it in small areas. This is a great question, and we would be happy to give you this information.

Smallest LED Light

The smallest LED size is 0201. This means it is 2 mil x 1mil. A mil is equal to .0001 inches.

If you're wondering what .0001 inch is, it's about the size of a grain of rice. The volume is 4.5 times that size.

Features of the Smallest LED LIght

The features are that there is a wide viewing angle of 135-145 degrees. There's a low power consumption - lower than what the power is for other LED that are larger.

Usually, these lights come in 4,000 pieces.

These LEDs are good for many electronics sch as mobile phone, computers, digital cameras, camcorders, keyboards, speakers, headphone, and other devices such as hearing aids and medical devices.

These LED lights are not exactly something that non-manufacturers purchase. They are much too small for household use.

Many people will purchase commercialized LEDs for crafts and decorating. Manufacturers purchase the smallest LEDs when they are making different electronic devices.

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