Thanksgiving Fun With LEDs

LED lights are the latest best thing in Christmas lights. They burn longer. They use far less energy. They’re so much better for the environment. They make the Christmas tree and house decorations shine beautifully and brighter.

LED lights were front and center on the Halloween scene this year, too. People who decked out their houses for trick-or-treating found strings of LED orange lights were an excellent investment. Instead of having to replace them year after year, they knew that buying LEDs meant they might have them until their children become too old to go trick-or-treating.

We’re on the fast track toward Thanksgiving now. Is there a way to incorporate LED lights into our celebration of gratitude? Do people actually use Thanksgiving LED lights?

They do. However it’s not a particularly popular means of decorating for Thanksgiving. That’s likely because the holiday between Halloween and Christmas has always been more of a subdued holiday. Now that doesn’t in any way mean that Great Uncle Arthur won’t spout off about his political beliefs at the Thanksgiving table. And it won’t—absolutely will not—prevent your mother-in-law from making snide remarks about your pumpkin pie (hers is so much better!). Thanksgiving is more of a “count your blessings” kind of day that doesn’t necessarily buy into all the commercial hype that has in some ways consumed especially Christmas and sometimes Halloween.

That said—there are, in fact, some excellent ways to have some Thanksgiving fun with LEDs. All you need is a little imagination, a dose of creativity and a heart that loves the holiday.

Tips for Using LEDs for Thanksgiving

Buy LED votive candles. Set them inside Thanksgiving themed tea light or votive candleholders. Set one at each guest’s place setting at the Thanksgiving table. There will be no need to worry about fire danger or little ones inadvertently burning themselves. Once you’ve used these LEDs for Thanksgiving, you’ll find endless uses for these votive candles throughout the rest of the year.

Make your cornucopia glow from the inside out. Use two or three of the aforementioned LED votive candles. Design a cornucopia using real or artificial fruits, vegetables and flowers. Stage the LEDs inside the cornucopia at a few different spots. The result will be a gorgeous lighted Thanksgiving arrangement that serves as a centerpiece or a beautiful arrangement for a buffet or hall table.

These ideas won’t in any way take away from the simple enjoyment of Thanksgiving. They won’t make it appear commercialized. They will simply enhance the natural beauty that goes hand in hand with a day of good food, family and friends around the table, and the glow of Thanksgiving joy.

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