The Power of LEDs

LED lighting has been talked about more and more in America, but many people are still unaware of all the facts about LED lighting. The greatest known feature of the LED light is the ability to save substantially in energy operating costs. This includes what LED means and all the reasons they should be using the bulbs in their own homes.

LED Benefit List

Lighting Emitting Diode is what LED stands for and it is an electronic semiconductor emitting light efficiently. When compared to a halogen bulb or standard light bulb, the LED light has numerous benefits:

  • Has a longer life
  • Is smaller in size than the alternatives
  • Does not emit UV rays (very dangerous!)
  • Does not contain harmful toxins
  • Is much brighter
  • Is proven to be more reliable and durable
  • Consumes significantly less energy

LED Better than the Others

Many of the features and benefits of the LED light are not available at all with other lighting technologies. Many of the pros of the LED light has always been difficult and sometimes, nearly impossible to offer to consumers with standard and halogen bulbs. These include longer life of the light, less heat generation in the bulb, and extreme energy savings. Another feature that is a bit less known involves the color temperature of light. This benefit offers more in productivity while giving off dramatic appearances.

LED Lamp Life

In comparison to fluorescent and incandescent lights, LED lights have an extremely longer lamp life. They will eventually give out, just like anything else. With the LED light, you will know the bulb is nearing the end of its days because it will begin to fade over time. The lamp life can last as long as 80,000 hours or more as long as it is properly installed. Improperly installed bulbs and bulbs not maintained as they should be are less likely to offer full benefits; meaning they can die much quicker due to improper use. This is because the LED light can become overheated causing lumen depreciation from an incompatible driver. This can lessen usage to as low as 10,000 hours.

LED Facts

The standard halogen light sucks up 90% more energy than a LED light. While other bulbs are burning hot to the touch, LED lights don’t give off radiant heat. When proper thermal design is used (ex: heat sink) is used, the heat conducted by the light is automatically managed. LED lights are so bright, they can be seen during the daylight hours outside. This is the reason why tunnels, buildings, and traffic lights are utilizing LED lighting more now than ever before.

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