Thinking Back to When LED Wasn't a Thing

Sometimes, it's nice to think back to the old days. The old days when we only had fluorescent and incandescent lights.

I remember being in the classroom with flourescent lights flickering. I had headaches frequently, which at the time I had no idea it could have been the lights causing it.

I also remember the yellowness of the lights in my house, especially when I was up late at night. It always seemed to glow more yellow in the night time hours.

Now, as I sit here and think about the world and how LED has changed it, it makes me wonder where do we go from here. LED is slowly but surely making it into every home in the United States, and well, every home in the world.

Just last night, I turned to the news and they were discussing how they are changing the lights over to LED in another city. Of course, the clincher for the story was the health risks - we wrote a blog about how a study has shown that LED street lights could keep people up at night. But we all know that's not true.... you have blinds and curtains to keep the LED lights out, so it's just something for the media to get people to pay attention.

LED is a huge benefit to not only people but the whole world and future generations. People are saving money on energy because LEDs are saving the environment we live in right now. It's using up less resources, so our future generations can have those resources available.

As more research comes out, there will be other products that will save resources, and I'm excited about them. It's good to know that there are groups of people out there caring so much about our environment and the people who will live in it centuries away.

It's a pleasure to be able to provide LED lights to people who truly need them. It feels good to help people get what they need to benefit their life and in turn benefit the world as a whole.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your LED lighting goals. We are here to educate, help, and provide the LED lights you and the world needs.

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