How to Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis

With these tips, you can turn your bathroom into your home’s little oasis, allowing you to relax and create a calm atmosphere in your house, even if it’s only in this one room.

Creating Your Bathroom’s Look

Relaxation can really begin when you’re in a place that looks calming. Hanging a picture of a meadow or using neutral tones in your bathroom products and on your walls will truly open up the space for tranquility. Also, getting rid of your clutter is a major plus; nothing will cause you anxiety faster than disorder and excess junk.

Using Relaxing Lighting

Installing LED lights can be a great way to create a calmer atmosphere in the bathroom. Most LEDs are dimmable so you can let in exactly as much light as you want to. They are also easier to position so the light won’t be shining anywhere you don’t want it to (like in your face when you’re trying to read or bathe). In addition, there are a number LED light options that come in different colors. A soft yellow or blue light will really provide you with a calming glow. If you’re looking for a larger project, you can even install LED lights in your bathtub that change color.

Sounds and Smells

You can make a playlist on your phone or find one on any of the major streaming sites that provides hours of relaxing music. Some playlists even let listeners hear the sounds of a babbling brook, a waterfall, or the ocean and can be played for as long as the user wants.

Bringing relaxing and pleasant smells into your bathroom will also make it more of a relaxing oasis. Different individuals often like different smell options, but rose, lavender, thyme, and bay leaf can all create a calming effect. You can buy potpourri, candles, or essential oils at the store that provide these scents, or you can make your own.

Stock Your Bathroom

One of the reasons why we enjoy going into hotel bathrooms so much is because there are plenty of exciting little amenities to enjoy. Provide yourself with the same at home to get this effect. Stock up on face masks, body butters, and little soaps that will allow you to experience new scents and sensations every time you want to enjoy a relaxing bath or shower. And don’t forget to offer yourself mints or chocolates for a little indulgence now and then.

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