Unusual but Awesome Uses for LED Lights

Everyone has seen list after list of uses for LED lights around your home or workplace. And though these applications are functional and offer much greater energy efficiency than traditional lighting, this list is for the consumer who wants to think outside the box and take LED lighting to the next level. These unique uses are very functional and might even inspire you to create your own forward thinking application for LED lighting.

An Apartment Garden

Living in an apartment does not really lend itself to gardening in most cases. But with a few LED lights and planters you can begin to grow your own herbs or even vegetables in your apartment. These LED lights provide plants with the UV and IR needed for growth without producing the extreme heat that can burn plants and even require additional ventilation to disperse the heat. If you are not feeling like a DIY project to create the planter or lighted pots, you can even buy preassembled planter pots with the grow lights included.

Safety in Poor Weather

Most people dread being outdoors in the rain, but it is just something that we must all deal with from time to time. But what we don’t need to worry about on those rainy days is the danger of being hit by a car when huddled under an umbrella. The very feature that makes an umbrella helpful is also the feature that can make it dangerous. The canopy is not only blocking the rain from your head but it is also blocking your view of oncoming traffic. But adding a strip of LED lights to the inside of your umbrella provides you the light you need to see more clearly and also for you to be seen more easily by motorists. It’s a simple way to brighten a rainy day and ensure that you are safe as well as dry.

Pet Safety

When we go out at night we wear reflective clothing to be seen by motorists. It’s just the smart thing to do. So why not use that same level of precaution with your pet? Adding LED lighting to your pets harness and leash ensures that drivers will see even a small dog in the dark. LED lights are light weight enough for even a toy size dog and are water proof as well. It is a small price to pay to know that your beloved pet is safe anytime he or she is outside after dark.

Try one or all of these unique applications for LED lighting. Not only are they very cost effective but they provide a creative solution to a problem. Then try to expand on these ideas to come up with your own cutting edge applications for LED lighting.


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