Why Upgrading to LED Lighting Could Increase Your Home’s Value

Upgrading to LED lighting could actually increase the value of your home and allow you to sell it for more to buyers who know what they’re looking for.

Why Buyers Want LED Lighting

Buyers are more discerning these days, and there are specific aspects they are looking for when they view a home. Hardwood floors are often a must, as are stainless steel appliances or copper cooking equipment in the kitchen. But one of the biggest musts is an LED lighting system.

Many buyers look for this option because it shows the owners have made recent upgrades to the home and cared about current social trends. It shows that the house, in perhaps the easiest way, has been updated to be greener and more energy-efficient as well as having a futuristic look that definitely focuses one’s attention on what lies ahead. Buyers can also see that the home has a number of features others may not, like a better security system with outside lighting or dimmable, color-changing lights.

How Easy Is It to Upgrade to LEDs?

In truth, it is very easy and much more affordable than it was even a few years ago to upgrade your home to LED lighting. You can buy LED bulbs for under $10 and sometimes for as little as $5 from local hardware stores and even grocery stores. These bulbs often have a lifespan that lasts between five years and twenty, so be sure to point this out to your realtor or to any prospective buyers. And, while you may not have the money to install a full light system that works with the touch of a smartphone, you can definitely increase your home’s value with a few of these bulbs.

How Much Will the Value of My Home Increase with LEDs?

This depends heavily on the specific bulbs and features you choose. For example, just installing $7 LED bulbs all around your home is likely to give it a 1 to 3 percent bump in value. Of course, if you decide to put in a large security light system or another more expensive option, it is likely to increase the value of your home much more.

In order to get an increase at all, though, you don’t have to look further than Home Depot and a do it yourself option that anyone can pull off.

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