How to Use LED Lights for Autumn Harvest Decorating

Using LED lights for decorating during autumn is a snap. Doing this can help you create beautiful centerpieces and attractive ornamentation that your whole family can enjoy.

Lighted Branches

You can create a very festive centerpiece using fallen branches you find around your home and tiny fairy lights. Winding the lights through the branches will give your loved ones a sense that the holiday season is coming, and the string will blend into the branches themselves, creating an exciting, mystical look. Finish it off with a few pumpkins or other festive produce like squash.

Flameless Candles

Use flameless, LED candles to create a mood in your living room, bedroom, or dining room. These candles can often last for 100,000 hours—way more than a typical candle’s burn time—and can be surrounded with cute or cryptic holiday decorations depending on your mood. Because they don’t have actual flames, they are perfect for using in centerpieces and other areas where flame candles could cause an issue.

Hurricane Glass Centerpiece

You can wind a strand of LED lights through a hurricane drinking glass and then fill it with leaves, twigs, and/or pinecones. With this simple design, you’ve created an exciting, lighted centerpiece you can use all throughout autumn. Make sure when you decide to create this centerpiece that you are able to safely drill a small hole in the glass for the other end of the LED lights to feed through.

Entryway Decorations with LEDs

Create a great decoration for your home’s entryway with LED lights and candles. You can use a log and wind fairy lights around it, or better yet, hollow out spaces on the log itself and place flameless LED candles inside. This is a romantic and outdoorsy look for this time of year that will delight your guests the minute they step inside your door.

Use LEDs to Light Your Home

The winter holidays aren’t the only time of year to light up your home. You can use LED strands to create a joyful, autumn lighting display for the outside of your house, as lights of this type can be bought in many different colors like red and orange. And, if you really feel like going all out, you can install a whole new lighting system for your home using LEDs that can change color to reflect a mood, a party, or in this case, a time of year.

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