Should You Use LED Lights in a Koi Pond?

Pond season is in full effect. It’s such an exciting time of year. Being able to have your very own koi pond in your yard can bring about peace and happiness, so who wouldn’t want to have one?

As you’re either getting your pond ready for the upcoming summer or making one for the first time, you may have found yourself wondering if you should invest in pond lights. These lights can light up the area in and around the pond to give off a glow that will impress guests.

Are They Good for the Pond?

Some pond enthusiasts don’t recommend lights. They say that the light may make koi blind, look bad after algae sets in, and can be way too much to deal with when the lights go out. While these are all valid concerns, they are not good reasons to forgo lights.

First of all, koi will not go blind with lights, especially if you decide on LED lights. These fish have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment, so they can get used to the lights. They will not go blind.

The algae can be a problem no matter what, but it’s manageable. When you treat the pond, and keep up on the cleaning, it won’t get out of control. That also means that it won’t start to grow on the wires and lens of the LED lights. You simply just have to wipe the lens and wires when it starts and that’s it. Those who say this is a problem often don’t keep up on their pond as well as they should.

A koi pond is a lot of fun, but it can be a lot of work. It’s fun work, if you like it, though. That’s why when it comes to having LED lights in your pond, you have to decide if you’re going to like the upkeep of them.

Benefits of LED Lights in a Pond

What we do know is that LED lights are the best. They use less electricity compared to other types of pond lights, which means more money in your wallet. They are brighter as well. Your pond will light up beautifully under the summer night sky, and your koi will look brilliant. LED lights are cooler than other types too, so you don’t have to worry about them heating your pond.

You can’t beat the power and beauty of LED lights. When looking for LED lights for your koi pond, consider us. We have the highest quality pond lights for a price you can afford.

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