Use LEDs to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

Every holiday can benefit from a little LED spice nowadays, especially Thanksgiving! So consider some ways to brighten up your home before the guests arrive to eat too much turkey, watch too much football, and give a lot of thanks.

Use LEDs in Your Decorations

One of the best ways to use LEDs for Thanksgiving is to incorporate them into your holiday decorations. Wind some fairy lights through a few branches and then place them on display as your centerpiece. Put LEDs in a vase with some fall leaves and pinecones and light up your entryway. You can also use LED candles to light up the night inside a pumpkin or two.

Whether you like lanterns or string lights, centerpieces or mantel décor, there are plenty of ways to use these versatile lights in your home at this time of year. No matter what, remember to be creative and imbue your decorations with the festive feelings of the season.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen will be on display now like during no other holiday, so you will want to make sure that people admire it as much as they do the food! One great way to ensure this is to place LED strips on the underside of your cabinets so the section of the counter underneath them will become illuminated.

Are you afraid your guests won’t be able to get to—or even see—the pots and pans in a dark cupboard? Buy some LED strips to place inside the cabinets and make sure they can be turned on and off when the cabinet doors open. This way, you can know everyone will be able to find what they are looking for.

Use LEDs to Create a Look

Thanksgiving requires a certain kind of warm, yellowish vibe, specifically from the lighting. Luckily, LED bulbs exist that are actually made to look vintage and create that yellow glow. You can place them in your chandelier over your dinner table, in your reading lamps in your living room, or even outside to get the exact look you want.

LEDs for Thanksgiving

There are many ways to use LEDs creatively and cleverly for your Thanksgiving get together, as they allow you to construct the perfect mood as well as stay practical. So why not use the holiday season as an excuse to splurge on some new fixtures for your home?

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