Uses for LED Lighting

The size of an LED and the construction of the diode allow for many unique applications that were never possible using incandescent or even compact fluorescent bulbs. This new found functionality is making lighting options more fun and functional for consumers and businesses alike.

Consumer Benefits

The very small size of the diode used in LED lights means that bulbs can be much smaller and still produce the same amount of light. This is opening the door for smaller wall mounted light fixtures and even lights that are configured in very small strips. The strips of light are being installed under cabinets or along steps to provide lighting where old style large bulbs just simply didn’t fit. Adding a plastic tube around the strips of lights adds the benefit of being waterproof. This application has completely changed how many homeowners look at outdoor holiday decorating. Adding a narrow strip of lights to the roof line of a house is much easier than hanging hundreds of breakable light bulbs to your house. The flexible plastic tubing also makes these outdoor lights great for lighting a curved pathway, arched doorway or holiday tree.

Commercial Applications

One of the greatest benefits of LED lights is the fact that they produce much less heat than incandescent bulbs. This makes LED’s a great way to light any area that needs to remain climate controlled. Lighting commercial coolers and freezers is a necessity but the numerous lights used in larger applications created a noticeable amount of heat. This added heat meant that more money needed to be spent on cooling. Now LED lights can be used in locations that require refrigeration without adding to the heat buildup. In addition to refrigerated storage areas, LED’s are the optimal selection for areas containing a great deal of computer equipment such as data centers. These types of rooms are constantly cooled to maintain the correct operating temperature range for the equipment and increased heat being produced by lighting again added to the cost of cooling the facility.

LED’s Benefit Everyone

The cost savings on electricity as well as the longer life of LED’s is a benefit that everyone can enjoy. And the smaller size of LED’s also allows for a broader application of these light sources in both commercial and residential settings.

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