Using LED Lights in Cakes

Have you ever thought about how incredible your favorite baked good would look with just a little more oomph? Have you ever considered trying to create a light-up confection but didn’t know how to make it happen? The truth is light up cakes actually are a thing, and they’re not hard to create at all, especially with the help of LEDs.

LED Lights for Cakes

There are certain LED lights just made for appearing in cakes. Some of these can run rather expensive, however, so if you’re on a budget, just get some small lights that would normally go inside a paper lantern. You can buy these anywhere, from eBay to Amazon to your favorite home goods or home improvement store. Once you obtain your LED lights and find out how they work, the possibilities for making light-up cakes are endless!

Check out this amazing light-up wedding cake! Or this one, which takes winter wonderlands to another level. You can even create insane theme cakes like this Transformers tower, which is taken to another level entirely by its light-up eyes.

Are LEDs Really Safe and Easy to Use in Cakes?

Absolutely. One of the best parts of using LEDs is they don’t run hot like incandescent bulbs. Therefore, they aren’t going to melt your icing or cause any other overheating problems to your cake. In addition, battery-operated LEDs will often stay lit for a very long time. They last much longer than incandescents or fluorescents, and they take up much less energy than these options do too. This is just another reason they’re absolutely perfect for cake making.

How Do I Use LEDs in My Cake?

Though there aren’t a lot of LED-related baking instructions online, a few people have created recipes for this kind of cake, so you might want to check them out before making yours. However, one of the best ways to figure out this new kind of baking is to experiment. It’s best not to go in the day you need the cake and to only make one. Instead, buy yourself a bunch of LED lights and start creating confections before you absolutely need them.

Remember to install your LEDs AFTER you bake your cake. This is probably the only important reminder you’ll need. Afterwards, just have at it and have a good time. Baking is a science as we all know, but it’s also lots of fun!

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