Using LEDs to Light Your Family Room

Whether you call it a living room, a family room, a den, or something else, the lighting in this area of your home is extremely important. Not only should it be cozy and homey but it should also have a little bit of flair and excitement, depending on what you’re doing in this area. There are plenty of ways to use LEDs to spruce up the lighting in your family room from small ideas to large-scale projects.

Multiple Light Fixtures

One of the best things you can do to add some excitement and ease to your living room is to bring in multiple light sources. This way, if the kids are having a party, you and your significant other are cuddling in for a night of watching movies, or you’re simply reading alone, you can get the best lighting for your current activity. Multiple light sources allow you to create different lighting effects, which is perfect for such a versatile room.

Avoid Blue Lights

Make sure you buy LEDs with soft yellow, soft white, or perhaps even colored lights so you can set a mood for relaxation and fun. Avoiding harsh bright lights will make it easier for you enjoy your evenings in this room and to sleep at night afterward. Some LEDs have too much blue light in them, which can make sleeping difficult, so make sure the LEDs you buy are easy on the blue light.

Try Spotlight Lamps

Spotlight lamps are a great way to get light into a room without creating a glare in places you don’t want. You can position these on the ceiling or the wall and adjust them so no one in the family has a hard time seeing the TV screen.

Turn Your Lights into Art

Everyone’s always looking for a fun and classy way to decorate their living rooms, and LEDs can be the answer. Some people find multi-colored lights and arrange them on the wall to create a focal point that is appropriate for both children and adults. Others choose to hang a painting or poster and backlight it so their lighting becomes part of the art. Whatever you’re interested in, you can likely create it with LEDs. If you’re not sure yet of what you want, check out some of the suggestions on Pinterest for a great way to let your imagination run wild.

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