Vitamin D3 - LED Light May Be Better Than Sunlight

The sun provides us something great - vitamin D. When we go outside, we are soaking up the sun's rays, and while there are some dangers to it as far as cancer is concerned, there's also some benefits - vitamin D.

Our bodies need vitamin D for strong bones. The skin is what soaks this vitamin up and delivers it to our body to use. While most of us have used the sun, supplements and foods/drinks to get enough of this vitamin, there may be another way - LED lights.

Research has been published in Scientific Reports about how RayVio's 293nm ultraviolet (UV) LED can be more efficient in producing vitamin D3 in skin samples. When skin was exposed to this light in the study, it produced twice as much vitamin D3. The skin was exposed to it for .52 minutes had the same effect as skin being exposed to 32.5 minutes of sunlight.

"We tested ultraviolet LEDs from different sources and at different wavelengths. RayVio's 293nm LED showed that most significant potential for vitamin D3 production in the shortest amount of time," said Dr. Holick. He went on to say, "This study will lead to a new generation of technology that can be labeled as photopharmacology in which the use of LEDs with trageted wavelengths can cause specific biologic effects in human skin to help treat and prevent chronic illnesses.

This means that the lights can help people who are vitamin D deficient. The lights could be placed on areas where it doesn't get exposure to sunlight, such as the upper legs, arms and abdomen. What is great about this light is that it doesn't produce all of the negative side effects that sunlight does, so there's no skin damage.

This new research can help people who are suffering or at risk of osteoporosis, rickets and metabolic bone diseases. It can also help people who have inflammatory bowel disease and gastric bypass surgery.

This research is a breakthrough one because it's one of the first that uses technology to provide what nature does but in a better way. Since the light is LED, it doesn't use as much energy has some other medical technologies so it's better for the environment.

As this technology makes it way into mainstream, people will be able to use it more and keep themselves from becoming vitamin D deficient, which can keep them away from all of the risks of it. We are looking forward to the future of all the ways LEDs can be used to improve all of our lives.



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