Will Cold Weather Affect LED Lights Lifespan?

LED lighting systems have a much longer lifespan than other lighting options. This is the reason many people have switched over to LED lights for inside AND outside of their home.

One question that many people have is how LED lights hold up in excessive temperature, particularly below freezing. Will the cold weather wear on the bulbs?

We are happy to report that NO, they are not affected by extreme cold temperatures. Since LED lights do not produce heat in the same way that electric bulbs do, they can handle temperatures much better.

When we say that cold temperatures do not affect LED bulbs, we mean that they do not decrease their durability or performance. You can be rest assured that the LED lights will shine brilliantly just as they do inside of your home where the space is more constant in temperature.

LED Lights in the Winter Weather

What many people don't know is that LED lights have a high level of efficiency in the winter. They can shine much better than other bulbs because of the brighter emissions. This can make it perfect for those who live in dark places such as where there are a lot of trees, no street lights, etc.

Many people choose LED lights for around their home because of this reason. They don't have to worry about them bursting or stopping because of the cold weather, and they work well in the dreary conditions.

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