WWE Struts LED Championship Title Belt

Naomi, the current holder of the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, recently attended a WWE event in Odessa. She brought along with her the WWE Title Belt, which she had covered in LED lights. This is an exciting change that solidifies Naomi’s current reign as champion and makes fans wonder: what will happen to the belt next?

Naomi’s Reign as WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion

Naomi has held the title of champion twice. The first time, she won it after beating Alexa Bliss earlier in 2017, but she had to give up her title when she sustained an injury. Finally, she regained it at Wrestlemania 33, and she seems to have no intention of giving it up again. When she attended the WWE live event, she strutted out with the title belt, which now glows bright green, the W emblazoned on it definitely a sight to behold.

The new LED-infused belt matches well with Naomi’s personality, as she consistently shows off her character’s glowing persona in neons and other costumes that will shine under a black lit. She has held onto the championship title—and the belt—for more than 90 days, which makes her the longest running champion of the short-lived title.

What Will Happen to the Belt Next?

The addition of the LEDs to the WWE Smackdown Championship Title Belt has made many people wonder what will happen to it next. Who, if anyone, will wrestle it out of Naomi’s hands, and if this does occur, will the LED lights stay or will the belt be infused with the next champion’s personality? With time, we will be sure to find out.

Adding LEDs to Clothing

There are actually plenty of different websites and tutorials for adding LEDs to clothing like Naomi did with the title belt. Many different individuals, from cosplayers to just those looking to create a cool shirt or accessory, enjoy being able to create clothing that uses LED lights to offer an exciting effect.

Because LEDs are fairly cool to the touch and are much more durable than regular bulbs, they are ideal for adding to clothing and other types of materials. In addition, LED lights can be seen from very far away, making them a great option when you want to stand out in a crowd.

If you want to create your own LED belt like Naomi’s, you can do so with this tutorial.

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